Wild Lapland

Wild Lapland

Wild Lapland is family-run nature guiding at its finest. Everyone in the company has a passion for bringing guests out into the wild nature where the company is located - deep in the forests of northern Sweden.
Wintertime tours take guests dogsledding and snowshoe walking. During summer, the bright nights offer long days of kayaking, hiking, and visits to the kennel.
When autumn brings cooler air, sleddogs are eager to run again. This season tours are done in carriages.


Morgan loves snow
Minus 15 is the perfect temperature - if you ask Morgan. He also claims to have caught the polar dog sickness...
”Polardog sickness starts with getting a sleddog. Then another one, and another one. All of a sudden you've lost count. Usually, by then, people stop and think a little when the car is full of dogs and there isn't room for more. Morgan got a bigger car and a trailer..."

The starting point for Wild Lapland is the small village of Ruskträsk, 40 kilometers north of Lycksele. Ruskträsk has about 50 inhabitants, give or take. In a suburb of Ruskträsk, one house, 6 kilometers out into the forest you'll find the base for Wild Lapland.

A lot revolves around Morgan. He has a background as a hunting and fishing guide. He also has a background as a military paramedic, with a special focus on cold weather.
Besides Morgan, Wild Lapland also consists of 28 Alaskan Huskys, males, females, pups, and pensioners.

The company is based on activities that have little to no impact on nature and ecosystems. During the tours Morgan guides and speaks about a variety of subjects like forest history, Sami history and culture, dogsledding, and its local history.


Make sure to visit Wild Lapland if you plan to travel to the north of Sweden.


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