White Trail Adventures Kiruna

Feeling the cold, being surrounded by mountains and dog sledding across the white expanses of Lapland is the great passion of Daniela Hohn and Jan Borinski. It was that passion that led them to abandoning their native Germany and settling down in Kiruna almost twenty years ago.

- Both Jan and I had applied for a "work and travel" arrangement and ended up in the same dog sled company in Sorsele. I had taken a year off from my studies in German and sports to do something else, says Daniela.

- That's how we met.

After going back to Germany and completing her studies, Daniela decided to return. She and Jan decided to move further up in Sweden, towards Kiruna, where there were larger and several dog sled companies to choose from.

- We were employed as guides of dog sled tours and loved every day, says Daniela.

- Life with the dogs, nature and guests became our dream life.

Daniela says that a few years later they had the opportunity to buy a few dogs of their own, a piece of land and a house.

- It was never our idea that we would start our own business. We just wanted to keep our dream job. But now that we had the dogs, we just had to do it.

Today, White Trail Adventures has over seventy dogs, a guest house with room for 20 and a few seasonal employees. Jan and Daniela are constantly working to improve their experiences. They offer everything from tours of one day, several days or ten days up to Treriksröset with calm, quiet dog teams. The guest get to learn how to make a fire, how to dress in minus thirty degrees and they will experience and enjoy the Nordic light. They also offer tours with faster snowmobiles. Daniela and Jan enjoy nature, their dogs, guides and guests in Kiruna. They definitely have no plans to return to Germany.


About the company

White Trail Adventures Kiruna
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