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Sweden Husky Tours

Sweden Husky Tours has been around since 1996 when Jens Wickström made the decision to move north and start a dog sledding business. The company was named JW's Wilderness Tours, but to meet an increasing international market, the name was replaced 2013 with Sweden Husky Tours.

The dogs are of the breeds Alaskan husky and Siberian husky. Alaskan husky, as the name suggests, originated in Alaska, where they bred dogs with the sole purpose of getting as good a sled dog as possible. Siberian husky is a strong, cold-tempered and persistent dog that was transferred to Alaska from the Chuktji people of northern Siberia in the early 1900s.

Sweden Husky Tours also carry breeding of both breeds on a small scale for personal use. In the kennel, there are about 50-55 dogs including youngsters and senior citizens. Most dogs live in the dog farms, but seniors and puppies usually stay in the house.

Being one in the team and helping to pull the weight of the sled is the great happiness of these dogs. You cannot miss the joy and expectation that the dogs show when preparing for a trip. From the dogs that may stay at home this time, you can hear the howls of disappointment.

All the dogs love to be petted, but when it's time to work they are so focused on their task. After the trip, on the other hand, they are all up for a snuggle.

Jens bought his first polar dog, a Samoyed, 1988 and a year later, dog number two, an Alaskan husky. In the early 1990s, more Siberian Huskies were acquired and the dog team became reality. In the summertime, Jens doubles as a carpenter in his own company, but he is also a licensed rafting guide.

Ever since Ann Wessman bought her first Siberian husky in 1976, she has been inadvertently in love with the breed, its intelligence and integrity, which never ceases to fascinate and surprise.

In 1991 Ann finally realized her dream of moving up north from Stockholm, buying a farm and acquiring more Siberian Huskies. Three were already in the kennel, but it did not take long until there became more and more.

Ann also has a past as a language teacher, but since June 2016 she devotes all her time to the dogs and dog sledding. Standing on the sled and watching the dogs work through the sparkling white snowy landscape, Ann gets to forget about time and space - only the dogs and I exist!


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