Sápmi Nature

Located in world heritage site Laponia, Sápmi Nature Camp offers guests from around the world a chance to experience the indigenous Sami culture with roots dating back 7000 years.

Staying at Sápmi Nature Camp is something like a glamping experience combined with the Sami lifestyle. You'll participate in important cultural activities like skiing, traditionally the only way of transportation, and reindeer herding in the area during the 6-month long winter.

Lennart Pittja, the owner, and his family have lived off the land and herded reindeer since time immemorial. There is neither electricity nor running water available at Sápmi Nature, but on the other hand, warm fires, warm clothes, and a different, older but very satisfying
way of life. To get water for the sauna, you'll have to work – chop a hole in the ice and fill your buckets. A unique experience in what is called Europes last natural area. With Lennart as a guide, you'll hear old and new stories about life in Sápmi either at the campfire outside your traditional Lavvu (the Sami yurt) or during adventures in the high mountain and ancient forests.

The principles of Nature's Best are deeply rooted in Lennart since much of what he was taught as a boy about how to treat nature, the local environment, and the community reflects Nature's Best practices.

About the company

Sápmi Nature
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