Rösjöstugorna & EcoAdventure

Without light pollution, no noise pollution, with clean air and pure water, combined with a simple lifestyle, you as a visitor get a memory that is very different from the everyday life.

Rösjöstugorna is a small cabin village in the middle of the mountain tundra in Fulufjället national park, in northwest Dalarna.

The cabin village has 40 beds distributed in various sized cabins, a couple of fantastically located glamping tents, and a small eco-campsite. There, Tommy Lönnebacke and Sandra Johansson also run the guide company EcoAdventure.

The cabins are simple, without running water and heating. Being there takes you back in time, to the simple life where you fetch drinking water from the stream, heat the cabin with the classic stove. When it's time to freshen up, you take a dip in the fresh stream or book the popular sauna.

Experience the adventure at Sweden's mightiest waterfall, Njupeskär, with its impressive 93 meters in height. But it's not just the waterfall that makes Fulufjället special. Here, you will also find the world's oldest tree, Old Tjikko, which has survived for 9,550 years.

EcoAdventure offers hiking tours for small groups both in summer and winter. Fulufjället has the country's southernmost population of Arctic char, which is also one of the reasons to visit the mountain tundra above the tree line.

The guided tours take place in the area outside the main visitor area of ​​the national park.

The food offered in connection with the tours is, of course, locally produced and ecological. In the spirit of ecotourism, Tommy and Sandra really want to support the small fantastic culinary businesses in the local area.

They constantly strive to develop collaborations with other businesses to try to create job opportunities in the rural area. The ambition is to purchase as much as possible locally. In addition, their own electricity is produced through solar and wind power.

In the midst of the protected and unique nature, educational and exciting experiences are promised in truly wild and largely untouched nature.



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