dukat bord utomhus i skogen och en jurta

Nyrups Naturhotell & Robusta äventyr

Nyrups Naturhotell and Robusta Äventyr are two sister companies that offer authentic experiences close to nature, focusing on togetherness, fire, a sense of nature, and including the guest as cornerstones.

At Nyrups Naturhotell, guests enjoy comfortable beds and beautiful woolen huts (yurts) in the forest. They cook meals over an open fire, and experience fire, steam, and heat in the unique bathhouse. The focus is on food and hiking experiences, but guided tours, tree climbing, forest bathing, cycling, or canoeing experiences are also arranged for groups.

Robusta Äventyr takes guests on a raw ingredient safari. They cook lunches or dinners over an open fire or enjoy a portable outdoor kitchen that docks to hiking, paddling, or biking for an unexpected three-course meal. Robusta Äventyr also develops multi-day hikes with a guide.

When guests co-create by the fires or in the camp, the foundation is laid for a unique togetherness.

The experiences provide a strong natural presence. It's easy to become absorbed in the moment when local ingredients are transformed into delicious dishes prepared from scratch, or when the stars, crackling fires, and whistling wind fill the mind.

By offering overnight stays and multi-night experiences, the foundation is laid for stillness and presence in the moment that guests take with them when they later return to the noise of everyday life.

The purpose of both Robusta Äventyr and Nyrups Naturhotell is to be part of sustainable social development by creating experiences that provide a strong natural presence and an insight that as a human being, you are part of the nature and the place you are in.

Right from the start in 2012 and 2014, the activities have been developed as ecotourism with the aim of contributing to sustainability in the area and inspiring guests to lead a more sustainable life.

Apart from the beds, almost all the equipment used is from flea market finds, including the kitchen equipment. For many years, a biogas car has been used for all transport.

Guests are involved in the experiences, and the local anchoring is strong, especially in terms of raw materials, collaborations, and purchases.



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