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Ann-Charlotte, Solvang Stagg

Nothing ever was the same from the fateful day Mikael Nilsson entered Rosario’s shoe shop in Lima, Peru. The shop was just around the corner from the adventure tour company where Mikael worked as their South America tours director. Today Rosario works with Mikael in the office of nature and adventure outfitter Nordic Discovery. Shoes are "out," and canoes and wildlife safaris are "in." This Peruvian/Swedish couple have swapped the hustle and bustle of Lima life for the peace and tranquility of a tiny village set deep in the forests of Bergslagen.

After completing his tourism training in Kiruna, Mikael developed wanderlust and set out to work his way around the world. He has worked on a mountain ski rescue team in New Zealand, served as a lifeguard in Australia, been a ski instructor in Japan, taught English in Taiwan and even worked as a security guard in Hong Kong. Eventually, his wanderings led him to Latin America where he worked as a tour guide leading overland adventure tours. His talents recognized, he was soon promoted to Director of South America Operations for G-Adventures in Lima.

Mikael was born and bred in Bergslagen. When returning from Lima with the family, they settled in the small village of Kloten, located between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg. Since the year 2003, Rosario and Mikael run the company Nordic Discovery, but they hope that someday their children Thor, Ahrn, and Thua will inherit their love of nature and work alongside them in the family business.

Kloten is a small village nestled in the wilds of Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve. Although located within easy access to Stockholm and Västerås Airport the reserve is vast and the many years of protection have created a thriving wilderness teeming with wildlife. It is one the best location’s in Sweden for viewing Moose, there are many beaver rich lakes and rivers to paddle and fish in, and many walking trails criss-cross the heavily forested landscape. Mikael and Rosario network with other local entrepreneurs to make a strong and sustainable tourism destination. Working with a seasonal calendar, the chefs know how to source fresh local produce from the surrounding fields, forests, and waters. On some tours you arrive at dinner by canoe and a log fire will warm you during a three-course meal in the middle of the wilderness.

Nordic Discovery is actively involved in the effort to save both brown trout and the very rare freshwater mussel in the little steam of Håltjärnsbäcken. They will happily take you to the fast-flowing waters of the stream where you’ll learn the story of these animals and their fascinating inter-twined history.


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