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The beautiful landscape of the Kullaberg peninsula attracts nearly half a million visitors every year. The area offers magnificent beech forests, common grazing lands, panoramic views and, not least, a geological drama where the steep cliffs meet the waves of the Kattegat in northwest Skåne. The horst of crystalline rock is also the base for the Kullabergsguiderna company which, since 1995, has arranged a broad spectrum of exciting outdoor activities for visitors, such as cave walking, snorkelling, climbing, sport fishing and harbour porpoise safaris.

The founders of the company, Joachim Persson from the adventure company Special Sport School and Marcus Petersson from First Camp, have ensured that Kullabergsguiderna has strong roots in the Skåne soil. Visitors are welcomed by one of the company’s committed guides, such as Jacob Schenström or Fredrik Albihn. These experts make the thousands of visitors feel at home, and are happy to describe and show the exciting natural heritage and history of the area. Guiding principles that underlie all the work of Kullabergsguiderna are a warm welcome, activities adapted to the level of the group in question, and a strong emphasis on safety procedures.

In the past couple of years, Kullabergsguiderna has also been working closely with naturum Kullaberg and Skåne County Administrative Board. This is concrete collaborations that have had a number of positive benefits on the environment and for visitors. For example, the Kullabergsguiderna team inspects and manages the nature reserves in the area on a daily basis. Together with personnel from the county administrative board, the company also ensures it offers guides of the highest possible quality who have extensive knowledge about the fauna, flora, geology and history of Kullaberg. Some local representatives of the municipality argue that the presence of the company on Kullaberg, with its range of professional activities including climbing, cliff jumping, and abseiling, has reduced the number of accidents.

Inspired by initiatives in the Alps, there are also bold proposals to prohibit motor traffic throughout the area. A first step would be to extend existing bus routes all the way to the Kullen lighthouse in the summer and not, as now, end in Mölle. This would make the area accessible to more visitors and reduce the intensive car traffic in the summer.

In summer 2011 Kullabergsguiderna launched the first whale safari in Sweden, and trips to watch the harbour porpoise were an immediate success. This, too, was the result of collaboration with the county administrative board, and the safari activities are now continuing in close dialogue with both Swedish and Danish researchers.


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