Kajak & Uteliv

Mattias Frodin

This is the company that makes kayaking easily available and desirable for all. The company name translates to “Kayaking & Outdoor life” and is run by Astrid Landgren Patterson for two reasons: it enables her to live in Roslagen, a place she loves AND she gets plenty of opportunities to show others her very special Roslagen places. This part of the Stockholm Archipelago consists of some 13 000 islands!

There are waters for beginners and for more experienced paddlers. The abundance of unique nature and culture has led to the forming of many nature reserves. The interaction between the inner archipelago and the more dramatic outer islands guarantee a changing nature experience.

Whether you choose to go on a kayak course or on a theme trip there is always an expert guide with kayak instructor background there to assist you. Food is locally produced like lamb sausage from Lidö or freshly caught white fish from the waters you paddle.

The kayak base is situated just perfectly for exciting kayaking in the heart of Roslagen, north of Stockholm where the lush green inner coast meets the weathered smooth rocks of the Baltic Sea. The bus from Stockholm stops nearby, and where fishing, farming and hunting still play a major role in the small community. The kayak trips arranged by Astrid Landgren Patterson are well thought through, professionally run and include a good dose of personal warmth.

Kajak & Uteliv make sure that their suppliers apply with strict environmental rules, and they actively support the reintroduction of the white-tailed sea eagle, a Swedish Society for Nature Conservation project. It is not uncommon to see these eagles on kayak trips since the guides have first hand knowledge of where to spot them.



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