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The coast of Bottenviken is a well-preserved secret for those seeking great nature experiences. This is Guide Natura’s home turf.

Hansi Gelter who runs the Guide Natura is a biologist. He has extensive knowledge of flora and fauna and knows all the hidden secret parts of the archipelago, both in and beyond the nature reserves. In addition to his entrepreneurship, he teaches experience production at the Luleå University of Technology and has previously taught at the teacher education in Luleå, teaching biology, outdoor life and outdoor pedagogy. In his research, he studies the guides importance on learning and experiences. He has a solid background as a tour guide for ’Temaresor’ in a number of different countries, his passion now is ecotourism in Sweden.

With the help of kayaks or a taxi boat, Guide Natura invites you to intimate nature experiences in, for the most part, unspoiled archipelago of Norrland. Here you will find both seals and sea eagles, and the occasional bear or reindeer can be spotted in the light of the midnight sun. Guided tours are not about informing and telling you about nature and culture, Hansi says. His guide philosophy is more like Linnaeus - to discover and marvel, to see the great in the small.

Each tour is very carefully thought through to provide safe and enriching experiences. This company has ecotourism in focus because of beliefs. Respect and understanding of nature permeate the tours. The fundamental principle of all arrangements is environmentally friendly and slow travel in nature to maximize the connection with nature. Climate compensation and environmental considerations are self-evident when motor vehicles have to be used.

The kayaks, life jackets and the other equipment are of the highest quality and safety planning is very thorough. The self-guided tours are very carefully planned and the walk-through of the tours are done carefully and seriously. In the unlikely event that there is a need for a taxi boat, the company is always on standby.


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