Granö Beckasin AB

Bea Holmberg

Granö Beckasin is a hospitality business that started as a way of saving the local school from closing and whose main purpose still is to keep the area alive and thriving. Since the opening, Granö, a small village by the river bank of Umeälven, has not only grown but has also become a hub for entrepreneurship within tourism.

The visitor at Granö Beckasin will be met with strong and sincere hospitality. The simplicity and beauty of nature are another central focal point. This is especially highlighted in the Bird’s Nests, the popular rooms built in the treetops, as well as the glass house recycled from nearby Umeå’s cultural capital year.

Granö Beckasin also offers an extensive menu of activities all year, always featuring nature. Dog sledding, guided tours in the forest, northern light safaris, rafting journeys, and touring on locally made skis are just a few.

Visitors come from all over the world. The restaurant, certified organic and strongly connected with local flavours and seasons, is also celebrated by locals and conference guests.

Granö Beckasin works with sustainability in every possible way and ultimately wants each guest to feel like a part of making a difference.



About the company

Granö Beckasin AB
Västanå 15
922 95 GRANÖ
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