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Aurora Safaris

Aurora Safaris brings together like-minded individuals in a collection of exclusive accommodations that offer comprehensive arctic adventures, during summer and winter.

The company is run by Jonas Gejke and Naila Sher who over the year have run various activities in tourism, adventure and restaurant in Kenya, before they moved to Sweden in 2017.

Their main goal is to create a homely atmosphere and offer personalized care through dedicated hosts who attend to guests' needs, from culinary delights to engaging activities.

Each property – Aurora Safari Camp along the river Råne, the Floating Safari Camp in a secluded cove and the Outpost Lodge at the Arctic Circle – has a unique character while sharing common values.

Luxury accommodations in Råne river valley emphasize a local point of view, from food to hospitality, rooted in local knowledge.

Aurora Safaris has succeeded in building a business with the capacity to be stable over time and with a sense of responsibility that both delivers direct results in the company and the surrounding community.

They create the conditions for a vibrant countryside where Råne river valley is a place that maintains and attracts new residents to be a resident, live and work.

The business give rise to a growing local economy by purchasing both goods and services, as much as possible, by local companies or and associations.



About the company

Aurora Safaris
Gamla Byavägen 19
961 97 Gunnarsbyn
+46 (0)72-92 58 726