Auktsjaur country house byggnad i vinterskrud

Auktsjaur Country House

Summer and winter, guests are welcomed to a nature-infused accommodation experience at Auktsjaur Country House, nestled cozily amidst the forest, which has been tended by the village residents for decades, boasting high natural values.

Explore an ancient tar pit and ponder over the echoes of history, or sit by the cold spring and taste the fresh, pure water. Venture out onto the lake Auktsjaursjön aboard the spacious sauna raft, observe the birdlife, and try your hand at fishing for large perch.

Late summer naturally invites berry and mushroom picking as well. This is also where the beautiful flow of the river Åbyälven begins, offering the opportunity to sit by a barbecue spot and prepare a simple dinner in the warmth of the evening sun.

Auktsjaur is situated just over twenty kilometers outside Arvidsjaur in the heart of northern inland, in the landscape of Lapland.

Winter welcomes guests to relish in the tranquility with ice fishing, dog sledding, moose safaris, or snowshoeing, and during the summer it is popular to go hiking and fishing.

Auktsjaur Country House is within easy walking distance from the Inlandsbanan railway and Auktsjaur station.

The accommodation offers that extra touch, with each room featuring a comfortable, Swedish-made bed of the highest quality. There's also a relaxation area with sauna and a heated outdoor bathtub, available both in summer and winter. Two glamping tents in the forest allow guests to get even closer to simplicity and nature.

The establishment is managed by Per Ågren. His drive stems from a longing for the local, personal, and sustainable. His grandmother grew up in the area, and the accommodation is a tribute to her and many other women who lived the rural, simple, and wholesome life.

In collaboration with the Auktsjaur village association, Per works on restoring old hiking trails to cultural sites and develops activities along these trails that hold significant local and historical value in terms of nature and culture.

Per is passionate about the local community and aims to develop the business based on the principles of ecotourism.

"What we do as individuals and as a company impacts the place and the daily lives we all lead. That's why we take responsibility to always work towards an economic, social, and environmental impact that helps. The engagement of the local community and collaborations with local tourism businesses are crucial," he says.



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