Familiar Jössgården is a small-scale oasis that provides a genuine experience of life on the farm. Here, the host couple, Helene and Torbjörn Forsberg, together with the animals invite you to the life close to nature, local food and experiences in the peaceful surroundings.

The farm is in the village of Sjulsmark, between Piteå and Luleå in Norrbotten, in the area of Swedish Lapland.

Jössgården dates to the 16th century, the current buildings are from the beginning of 1826.

With respect for history and the environment, the buildings have been carefully renovated, and with reuse to maintain the feeling of a genuine Norrbottensgård (

The restaurant, the heart of the farm, is located in the carefully renovated stone barn. Here, the food is prepared from local ingredients in season.

Various learning experiences are also offered such as cooking classes, forest's wild pantry and drink tastings, conferences, weddings, parties, and an atmospheric traditional Swedish Christmas buffet dinner at Christmas time.

Guest accommodation you find all year round in the farm's two suites. In summer, overnight stays are also offered in the farm's cozy baker's cottage. Bath and sauna is a perfect ending to a day of experiences, with the opportunity to enjoy the wood-burning sauna and a the outdoor jacuzzi.

In collaboration with other entrepreneurs who are also passionate about animals, nature and culture, various activities are offered during the year. For example, forest bathing, sled dog tours, cooking classes and tours with the farm's own horses. In addition, Solanderleden, a 22-kilometer hiking trail along the Norrbotten coast, runs only a few kilometers from Jössgården.

Over the years, Helene and Torbjörn have been awarded for their work in the local business community. In 2023, they also received the Grand Travel Award for Ecotourism.



About the company

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945 93 Sjulsmark
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