A visit to the kingdom of bears and eagles

Björnskådning, Wild Nordic. Foto: Wild Nordic

With a cozy little log cabin as a hide in the middle of an ancient pine forest, Nature's Best approved company Wild Nordic organizes astonishing close encounters with wild animals like bears and golden eagles.

When Sara Wennerqvist was four years old, she sat curled up in the window of a small cottage in Älvdalen, hoping that a bear would walk past outside.
- I have always been fascinated by bears, says Sara. I now finally have the opportunity to bring others out into the wilderness that I love so much.

When she was 15, she decided never to have a boring job.
- People around me did not like their jobs, and it seemed rather pointless doing things you don't like. Even back then, I was very interested in animals, nature, and photography. My goal was to become a photographer for National Geographic. It was a little naive perhaps.


Sara in her right element. Foto: Wild Nordic


Sara's company Wild Nordic focuses on encounters with wild animals. A bit north of Sandviken, very close to the border with Dalarna, Sara has her base. It is also in the 150-year-old pine forest here that her hiding place is found.

In the summer you can experience bear watching, in the winter golden eagle watching and in the spring winter grouse games. Scouting for owls, buzzards and lichens is also something you can experience at Wild Nordic.

- The hiding place is a mini-small cottage in the woods. I call it a hut but have renovated it so that it is functional for both photographers and families with children. The hiding place has nine photo windows at different heights. This place, where I know every stone and branch, has become my soul.


Not only golden eagle and bear  is visiting Wild Nordic. Foto: Wild Nordic


The reconnaissance is successful and Sara estimates that nine out of ten occasions give bear encounters.

- I started in 2012 with moose safaris and day trips with different nature themes. I only had 8-10 people a year in the beginning. When I started bear watching in May 2016, I thought that maybe 25 people would come. But I already had 150 guests the first year. Since then, it has only increased. Last year I had over 300 guests on game reconnaissance in the hideout.


Golden eagle Foto: Wild Nordic



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