Matar renar ur handen

Nature’s Best companies attracts outside the boarders of Sweden

Last year in the end of March and beginning of April a group of journalists visited some of the Nature's Best quality labeled companies in the province of Lapland, north of Sweden. Here you can read some of the articles that has been digitally published, from the visit at the ecotourism companies.

Ge to know more about a life with reindeers, great food and spa, glamping and other special accommodations, elk safari from the back of a horse and many other activities:

National Geographic – “5 of the best Indigenous winter adventures in Sweden's Sámi country”

BBC Travel - “Aurora Safari Camp: The safari with no animals”

de zondag – ”Ecologisch wegdromen in het laatste stukje ongerept Zweeds Lapland: Tussen hemel en ijs …”


About Nature's Best Sweden

Nature’s Best is Sweden’s only sustainability label for nature-based experiences. The Swedish Nature & Ecotourism Associations is principal for the label.

The system labels activities of ecotourism entrepreneurs, with quality-assured consideration for nature conservation, environmental adaptation, or local anchoring with care for the destination’s cultural values.

Nature's Best Sweden started in 2002, and since spring 2023 it certifies with an internal set of standards that is recognized by GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council).

Let Nature’s Best show the way to unforgettable nature and cultural experiences delivered by responsible companies.

Photo: Graeme Richardson