Laponia Adventures

Hiking and ski touring with a guide in the world heritage Laponia attract guests both from southern Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Laponia is Europe's largest continuous natural landscape with untouched nature. In addition to several nature reserves, the national parks Muddus, Padjelanta, Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet are part of the world heritage Laponia. The area became a world heritage site in 1996 for its unique natural and cultural values.

Laponia Adventures help their guests experience the world heritage of Laponia of their own or with a guide. They arrange tours in both summer and winter, and are aimed at people who dream of grand expanses, deep old forests, enormous bogs and high mountain massifs with large glaciers. Muddus National Park is said to be one of Sweden's quietest places.

Day trips in Jokkmokk and the surrounding area with themes such as the arctic light or lunch on a mountain top are also organized by Laponia Adventrures. They are small-scale and personal and want their guests to have the feeling of being out with a small group of friends.



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Laponia Adventures
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