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Inviting, easily reached mountains, with exciting fish-filled waters. The two rivers, Tjulån and Vindelälven, converge at Ammarnäs, a small mountain village right at the beginning of the road. Both rivers are very good for stream fishing, but each has its own character.

River Tjulån is calm and pleasant and you don’t need to leave the village to go fishing there. You can wade in it at almost any point, which is a joy for fly-fishermen. The Vindelälv River is deeper, more powerful and rich in splendid currents and rapids. Just like River Tjulån it is also very easy to get to.

Ulf and Bodil Johansson are the couple that created Ammarnäs Fiskecentrum and they have a distinctly helpful and warm attitude. Since there is plenty of fish - thanks mainly to the sensible work they have done to conserve them – they don’t hesitate to welcome all serious anglers with open arms. Today Ammarnäs Fiskecentrum is a well-established tour operator on the Swedish angling map. They have several waters “of their own” to offer, including mountain lakes which are especially attractive to anglers from both Sweden and the rest of Europe.

The Fishing Centre is situated in the middle of the village. Apart from a guide and information service they sell fishing permits, fishing equipment, accessories and locally manufactured flies. Accommodation in cottages/cabins and flats can be arranged. Ulf and Bodil Johansson work actively for the protection of fish in the Vindelälv nature reserve through their insistence on minimum measurements, limits on the amount of fish you can catch and the Catch and Release plan. The concept of sustainable fishing permeates this whole enterprise.



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