Arctic Retreat

Arctic Retreat is located on a headland by Sweden's largest forest river, Råneälven. Here you live in a scenic forest landscape with full service. All so that you can focus on yourself, nature, and your travel companionship.

Arctic Retreat consists of three traditional timber cabins that four local families jointly own; each cabin is tastefully decorated and can accommodate 2-4 people.

Arctic Retreat collaborates with a number of activity organizers. Here you can go dog sledding, northern lights photography, wildlife watching, fat biking, fishing, hiking, paddling, and more. After a day of adventure in the surrounding nature, it might be suitable with a sauna and a good dinner.

The meals at Artic Retreat are based on the local pantry, and there are several places to choose from to enjoy it, outside around the campfire, inside the barbecue hut, or in the cozy dining room.

At Arctic Retreat, you can experience all the seasons of the year, and no matter what time you choose to come, nature will give you the best of experiences.



About the company

Arctic Retreat

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