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Stockholm 25 August 2014

Tourism means new rural jobs

Flottfärd på Klarälven When jobs in rural areas disappear, tourism raises hope for the future. Over the past 25 years thousands of new jobs have been created thanks to nature based and ecotourism around Sweden. [More]


Stockholm 30 June 2014

Global award finalist from Lapland

Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2014 Nature’s Best approved operators continue to make themselves seen and heard of around the world. Timber rafting on the wild and beautiful river Klarälven and the Forest Hermitage in the middle of the magic Holaved forest have already been awarded internationally, and earlier this year the village enterprise Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You went to China as a finalist for the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. [More]


Stockholm 13 February 2014

The prize goes to Solberget

Renslädessafari Vildmarksbyn Solberget This year's Swedish Grand Travel Award’s Ecotourism Prize goes to Wilderness Retreat Solberget. This business attracts foreign guests with biting cold, vast forests and simple outdoor living, but also has saved the village shop and ensured that trains again stop in the village. The prize is awarded for the 17th time by The Swedish Ecotourism Society and Travel News magazine. [More]


Stockholm 31 January 2014

New premier close-to-nature lodging

Barn i kolarkoja / Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge Nature's Best has now expanded its range of close-to-nature accommodation with two highly-qualified companies offering unique and exclusive lodging. Both Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge and Granö Beckasin have been nominated for the Swedish Grand Tourism Award and annually attract a growing number of foreign visitors while actively protecting the area's natural and cultural treasures. [More]


Stockholm 21 January 2014

Four nominees for esteemed award

Skidtur i Muddus / Natulife Collaboration with whale researchers, virgin forest tourism in national parks, a rescued village shop and a visit from Swarovski are some of the achievements behind the nominations of this year's four candidates for the Grand Travel Awards' Ecotourism Prize. These four companies demonstrate the potential of Swedish ecotourism, and on the 13th of February a winner will be picked at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. [More]


Stockholm 20 September 2013

Magnificent mountains or mines

Fjäll med spegelblank sjö The Swedish Ecotourism Society, Svenska Turistföreningen, VisitSápmi, Ice Hotel, Tree Hotel and over 25 additional tourism businesses in northern Sweden question the existing mineral legislation and plans for new mines in the mountains. They also support the Sami population’s entitlement to reindeer grazing and calls for a significant commitment to nature- and ecotourism for more sustainable jobs in rural areas. [More]


Stockholm 07 August 2013

Record for Swedish safari tourism

Älgtjur Interest in Swedish safaris approaches a record high. Research shows that safari tourism is heading for its best year ever. Swedish tourists are still the most numerous, but a growing number are coming from other countries like Holland and Great Britain. Seal and beaver safari attract mostly Swedes, while elk are the favourite amongst foreign visitors. [More]


Stockholm 24 April 2013

Timber raft tour ranks in top 50 tours

Timmerflotte på Klarälven Vildmark i Värmland is on this year's list of 50 Tours of a Lifetime. It is the eighth time that National Geographic Traveler has given tips on unique trips around the world. And, timber rafting down the Klarälven river is the second Swedish destination to make the list alongside Machu Picchu and cruises down the Nile. [More]


Stockholm 20 March 2013

More wonderful nature experiences

Fågelskådare i siluett Nature’s Best is growing with the addition of eight new companies. Thus, approved Swedish ecotourism is expanding with Värmland forest rides and beaver sagas, seal safaris and family days in Sörmland, comfortable hotel weekends on Kullaberg nature reserve, treasure hunts in Brösarp, wilderness days on a sheep farm in Västmanland and Öland hiking and bird safaris. [More]


Stockholm 08 March 2013

Ecotourism Prize goes to FishYourDream

Per Jobs / FishYourDream Grand Travel Awards’ Ecotourism Prize goes to the Gotland-based company FishYourDream – a winner that offers sport-fishing tours in combination with accommodation in their guesthouse as well as other local hotels. The prize is awarded this year for the 16th time by the Swedish Ecotourism Society and Travel News magazine. [More]


Stockholm 19 January 2013

Three candidates for ecotourism prize

Gäster på Kuskahusen gårdshotell FishYourDream, Kuskahusen Gårdshotell and Ofelas Islandshästar are the three companies from Skåne in the south to Lappland in the north that have been nominated for Grand Travel Award's Ecotourism Prize for 2013. The prize will be awarded on Wednesday, February 13 to the tourism operator that best brought to life Swedish ecotourism during the past year. [More]


Stockholm 11 January 2013

Mining boom threatens Laponia ecotourism

Fjälltopp The global growth of recent years has pushed up metal prices, which in turn has led to a Swedish mining boom. But there is a conflict between creating jobs in mining and preserving unique natural environments and traditional employment e.g. reindeer herding. Now that tourism is threatened as well, Nature’s Best organisers are among those leading the protest campaign in the North. [More]


Stockholm 31 October 2012

The best example in Europe

Skogseremitaget Urnatur The project Business to Nature recently named Sweden's Urnatur as the best example of entrepreneurship balanced with European nature. Nearly a hundred businesses in eight countries were scrutinized during the selection process. Nature's Best was among the candidates, but first place went to one of the label's approved tourism operators. [More]


Stockholm 29 August 2012

On top for the fifth time

Cykling i Säfsenskogarna For the fifth year in a row, Nature's Best ecotourism operators have been nominated for the “Best experience in Sweden” award. Two Nature's Best-certified companies - Säfsen Resorts and STF Abisko Mountain Station - along with Treehotel, Fotografiska and Strömma Kanalbolag are among foreign travel agents' favorites. [More]


Stockholm 23 May 2012

Six new beauties in the bouquet

Orkidéer på Karlsö Nature’s Best is proud to present a spring bouquet containing six new ecotourism companies that offer over a dozen high-quality activities. Themes include marine biological diversity and ancient forests, along with the scent of pine needles and a cool shimmer of blue Arctic light – and, as always, the activities are characterised by welcoming hosts, expert guides, exquisite local cuisine, and comfortable accommodation. [More]


Stockholm 22 February 2012

Urnatur lodge wins ecotourism prize

Håkan Strotz & Ulrika Krynitz / Urnatur Urnatur has been awarded the Grand Travel Awards Ecotourism Prize for 2012. This year the Ecotourism Society of Sweden, together with the trade journal, Travel News, has awarded the prize to a company that has shown that running a wood hermitage is more profitable than felling trees. Urnatur, with its active preservation of cultural heritage and measures to promote biological diversity, attracts guests from near and far. [More]


Stockholm 23 January 2012

Nature’s Best wins WWF prize

Hundspannstur på Svalbard The Ecotourism Society of Sweden has been awarded the 2011 WWF Carl Mannerfelt Prize for its work with sustainable tourism and the Nature’s Best quality mark. The prize is around USD 15,000. This is not the first time the Society’s groundbreaking work with quality marking has been acknowledged – it has previously won the Great Tourism Prize and the Änglamark Prize. [More]


Stockholm 01 July 2011

Seven new Nature’s Best companies

På toppen av Kebnekaise The trend of combining outdoor activities in Sweden with fine local food and comfortable accommodation is clearly reflected in the seven new operators recently awarded the Nature’s Best quality label. Long-distance walking made easy in Skåne and in Höga Kusten, fishing on the Dalälven river and exclusive conferences in Ångermanland. Skilled female entrepreneurs are strongly represented. As are ecotourism activities offering adrenaline and contrasts, such as a bear safari in Hälsingland, a tour to the top of Kebnekaise and winter nights in Jokkmokk’s igloo village. [More]


Stockholm 11 May 2011

Poor promotion of climate-smart travel

Veolia Transport / Tåg The number of international visitors to Sweden is increasing, and many come from Germany. The vast majority of these choose to travel to Sweden by car or air, and rail travel is almost negligible in the statistics. A survey by the Ecotourism Society of Sweden shows that climate-smart travel is rare, and marketing of Sweden does little to stimulate it. [More]


Järpen 08 March 2011

Take the night train from Berlin

InterCity / SJ The night train from Berlin to Malmö in southern Sweden is a comfortable and environmentally sound way of travelling to exciting outdoor activities in Sweden. The quality mark, Nature´s Best, guides you to Sweden’s leading ecotourism operators and their finest activities. [More]


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