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How to qualify

Staffan WidstrandFor the time being, the Nature's Best quality label is only available to Swedish companies with operations in Sweden. Many countries, however, have shown their interest in how the system works.
The Swedish Ecotourism Society is now working in partnership on a small scale with other countries and their organizations, to translate the model so it can apply to other countries.

There are lots of reasons to get involved, and here are few examples:

  • Nature’s best is a really good business idea, which is now becoming a reality.
  • Nature’s Best is one of the best things that have happened within Swedish tourism for years.
  • For many of our approved ecotour operators, Nature’s Best has already turned out to be a good investment in time and money.


Nature’s Best is a quality label worth striving for, because it 

  • gives a tool to develop, improve and increase the quality of the tours.
  • opens new efficient marketing channels.
  • makes it easier to communicate the tour’s quality level to potential customers
    actively helps you reach new customers.
  • is a dynamic network joining good colleagues, good companies and good customers
    communicates strong values that inspire companies and their employees.
  • helps companies create profit and good value for money spent by visitors.


To qualify to Nature’s Best you must:

  • apply to the basic criteria.
  • have an environmental plan.
  • have a destination analysis plan.
  • apply with special criteria if your company is into fishing, hunting, riding…
  • fulfill a course in ecotourism and Nature´s Best.

For more details about our criteria, click here.

Do You want to know more about Swedish Ecotourism and Nature´s Best?
Visit The Ecotourism Society of Sweden homepage (in Swedish).