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Technical information

We use cookies and other devices to see how the visitors use our site, and we compile statistics in order to give you the best possible service.

You can change your Internet Explorer (or other navigator) privacy settings to block or restrict third-party cookies. In Internet Explorer, choose “Tools” “Internet Options” “Privacy” and follow the instructions. For other navigator programs, click on “Help” and follow the instructions. You should be aware of the fact that if you block or restrict third-party cookies some of the web functions will also be excluded.

We use java-script to provide our visitors with an attractive and functional web site. You can close down your Java-script functions in you web navigator, but you will loose some functionality.

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Respect for the users privacy is important for us. It’s a concern we always keep in mind when developing our web site. Visitor statistics are important however, since we can learn a lot from our users’ behavior. However, we try to do this without revealing our visitors’ identity.

Personal information: We register all the questions, bookings, membership etc… according to the “Personal Identity law” (Personuppgiftlagen PUL). All this information is saved in our system – and sometimes passed on to our tour operators – but only used to give you all the information and services you’re entitled to.

When you register on our web site and give your personal information, you are agreeing that we may use this information according to the above-mentioned points.

Information about personal information. If somebody wants to know what kind of information has been registered about him or herself, or to get these information removed from our archives according to the law 26 PUL, this can be done in writing by clicking Contact page.