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A Positive Contribution to Nature Preservation

Nature’s Best reinforces nature preservation and cares about threatened cultural values.

That’s what we call a good idea !

Staffan WidstrandNature’s Best:

  • Gives the threatened natural and cultural heritage an economic value it would not otherwise have. Now, economic arguments can be applied to both sides, not only to one.
  • Makes nature preservation economically viable on a local level.
  • Makes unforgettable nature experiences, which would be more or less impossible to organise independently, accessible to all.
  • Gives natural and cultural heritage sites a kind of intangible protection since the tourists become informal ambassadors for them.


Traditional nature tourism currently employs far too few people.
Once tours are quality labelled, ecotourism can create thousands of new jobs.
Tourism in the wilderness can become a strong economically viable business, contributing to the revival of sparsely populated areas and reinforcing nature preservation.
Ecotourism is a strategic partner to other defenders of sustainable development, at a time when unspoiled forests meadows and groves, wild streams and various plant and animal species are threatened by commercial exploitation.

Here´s what swedish ecotorism through Nature´s Best already has achieved:

  • Staffan WidstrandNature’s Best economically supports the preservation of species such as hunting falcons, otter, and artic fox. It protects river mussels, the sea eagle and the open seascape of the archipelago.
  • The Ecopark in the middle of the Swedish capital city, Stockholm, is another example of how ecotourism can defend nature under threat.
  • Some of the Sami operators are living proof that ecotourism contributes to saving old traditions from being forgotten and preserves cultural heritage.


That’s why Nature’s Best is the most innovative thing that’s happened in Swedish nature protection for many years.