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Vargas Wilderness Lodge

Vargas Wilderness Lodge
No description available Photo: Håkan Vargas
No description available Photo: Håkan Vargas

Vargas Vildmarkslodge lies deep in the forests of Hälsingland, where the fir trees are reflected in the clear waters of Lake Stora Öjungen. Your hosts Håkan and Eva Vargas Sundberg welcome you here. Håkan is a nature photographer and filmmaker who has contributed to radio and TV productions about bears and golden eagles.

Welcome to a wilderness where events are based on a strong sense for good food, considerate hospitality, and simple but cozy living without electricity or running water. Meetings that require a projector or video can get electricity from the lodge’s own generator. Meals are served in the large cabin, an atmospheric log building where guests also assemble for meetings or conferences. In addition to enjoyable social interaction and fruitful meetings, guests also experience genuine and close contact with nature. This might involve trying to see where the kestrel nests, or where the black-throated diver breeds. It might also mean starting a fire and making lunch together, without anyone having been there before to make preparations. When the guests depart, only the tracks in the blueberry bushes will remain as an indication of your visit.

Labelling Committee´s motivation (29 January 2003)
A knowledgeable and quality-conscious operator that emphasizes the small and simple experiences of nature as well as the once-in-a-lifetime-kind: bear watching from a purpose built hide. Conferences are based on simple living without electricity or running water, but with a great sense of good food and considerate hospitality. One of Sweden’s few environmentally certified small-scale conference facilities.

Company name: Vargas Wilderness Lodge
Address, visitors
Postal address
Hattmakargatan 13 B
803 11 GÄVLE
Province Hälsingland
Contact name Håkan Vargas S.
Reservation +46 278 340 96
Phone +46 703 17 75 29
Organization number 556607-4547
Started 1999
Annual employees 2
Quality-labeled tours Length of tour Period
Brown Bear encounter 2 days 2017-04-15 - 2017-09-17
  Deep in the ancient boreal forests of Hälsingland, Håkan and Eva Vargas have created an experience that offers a fascinating insight... More »  
Bear watching from purpose built hide 4 days 2017-04-15 - 2017-09-17
  Deep in the ancient boreal forests of Hälsingland Vargas Wilderness Lodge has created an experience that offers a fascinating insight... More »  
Conference in the Hälsingland Forest 1 day 2017-01-01 - 2017-11-25
  Silence, stillness, and fruitful meetings are the key ingredients of Vargas Wilderness Lodge. The guests have it all entirely to themselves... More »  
Wilderness Conference 2 days 2017-01-01 - 2017-11-25
  Deep in the forests of Hälsingland await bears’ dens, glades of wintergreen flowers, and an old logger’s cabin for company. You stay... More »