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FishYourDream AB

FishYourDream AB
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A single vision is not enough for Per Jobs, who runs - he has several. His angling breaks on the Swedish island of Gotland emphasise the need to conserve, and preferably improve, the resource on which the activities are based., like its sister company,, was started in 2006, and Per Jobs owns and runs both companies. arranges activities such as bird watching and botany courses on Gotland and the small island of Stora Karlsö.

Per is an experienced angler and is very concerned about managing fish resources properly, which he communicates to his guests. The enterprise is run with a clear organic and long-term focus, where the ‘catch and release’ principle is applied to all catches that are not destined for the dinner table.

The pike-tagging project studies the migration and growth of Northern Pike. Visiting anglers take part in the tagging and are also informed if ‘their’ pike is recaptured later. Per also collaborates with Gotland County Council and the Swedish Board of Fisheries, collecting DNA from sea trout. This project is examining the impact of releases from fish farms on trout genes.

Prime fishing spots are carefully chosen in relation to the prevailing wind and weather conditions, and the bait selected increases every angler’s chance of a catch. But even that’s not enough. Food, drink, accommodation and service are given the same attention as the angling activities. Per attaches great importance to the guest’s overall experience, and joins forces with a number of accommodation facilities that offer something out of the ordinary, such as the Medieval Hotel in Visby and Fabriken Furillen.

Labelling Committee´s motivation (14 January 2009)
Per Jobs is an enterprising newcomer who is already putting the nature of Gotland on the map. A committed angling entrepreneur who supports sustainable fish stocks, he is also an operator who realises that cooperation is the key to success. Consequently, the angling is packaged together with exciting accommodation, unforgettable culinary delights, and the island’s best angling guides, all of which maximise the guest’s experience.

Company name: FishYourDream AB
Address Hamngatan 4
621 57 VISBY
Province Gotland
Contact name Per Jobs
Phone +46 733 76 18 97
Organization number 556835-7460
Quality-labeled tours Length of tour Period
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