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AB Äventyrligt i Åre

AB Äventyrligt i Åre
No description available Photo: AB Äventyrligt i Åre
No description available Photo: AB Äventyrligt i Åre

As a diehard rafter, skier and climber Stefan Jarlhed has the right background for his outdoor company Äventyrligt i Åre (Adventures in Åre) to be a success.

Stefan knows where the adrenaline thrills and hearty laughs can be found in the wild mountains and rivers of Jämtland. He is one of a new breed of mountain people. He looks ahead and wants things to happen, at the same time he feels a lot for local people, nature, culture and wants you to have a quality experience in every way. The commitment to conservation is both a part of his survival and part of the survival of the Åre River. This river is not threatened today, but always an issue in times of energy prices running high and alternative energy sources exploited. Both ecology and the history of the river are of great value, so the otter can continue its playfull fishing and diving and Stefan his hilarious rafting tours.

Stefan with his guide network have extensive experience planning for activity products both in Åre and in other parts of Sweden and the world. Guides are all acting out their own hobbies when on tour and the enthusiasm is genuine. Families are just as welcome as corporate groups and all will be treated with professionalism.

Labelling Committee´s motivation (10 June 2008)
A keen young company with a lot of “go for it!”-attitude in the Åre Valley. They will fix natural excitement down snow clad mountains, in white water rivers, through caves and up steep cliffs. But, all with guests security in primary focus. On top of that is a long term commitment to preserve the untamed wild rivers of Jämtland from exploitation.

Company name: AB Äventyrligt i Åre
Address Såå 376
830 13 ÅRE
Province Jämtland
Contact name Stefan Jarlhed
Reservation +46 705 83 89 68
Organization number 556672-9009
Started 2004
Quality-labeled tours Length of tour Period
Try ice climbing in Duved 1 day Completed
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