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Svartådalens Natur- & Kulturturism Photo: Birdsafarisweden
Svartådalens Natur- & Kulturturism Photo: Birdsafarisweden

Visitors are amazed at the variety of birds in Svartådalen. In autumn, Common Cranes and Whoopers by the hundreds or even thousands can be seen. There are nesting White-tailed Eagles, Ospreys, and Honey Buzzards. Plus all the animals that walk in the forests, over the marsh lands and old pastures.

Svartådalen in Västmanland is a unique place, with a rich natural and cultural heritage in the heart of Sweden. No wonder Svartådalen’s rivers, lakes and wetlands are designated as wetland of international importance by the Ramsar/Wetland convention. The area is also included in the EU Natura 2000 network.
Historically this was a farming area, but it still possesses a wealth of forests, lakes, hay meadows and open wetlands. The rich bird and wildlife has made Svartådalen famous to Swedish and foreign nature enthusiasts alike.
A steadily increasing number of British bird watchers have discovered what is hidden in these Swedish forests. They are intrigued by the unique encounters with many rare bird species. The accommodation and food including local delicacies are details that just make it all so genuine. Just like the warm hospitality and the fact that the delicacies are usually cooked over an open fire out in the wild. Nature tourism here rely on devoted nature guides, each having their own special field of know how on top of good over all knowledge of nature and culture.

Company name: Birdsafarisweden
Address Knutsgatan 5 B
Province Västmanland
Contact name Daniel Green
Phone +46 706 18 43 16
Organization number 641217-xxxx
Started 2002
Annual employees 1
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Swedish owlsafari 2 days 2017-04-15 - 2017-05-31
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