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No description available Photo: Leif Öster
No description available Photo: Leif Öster

In the wilderness of Dalarna, Dalagård offers an exclusive retreat for business meetings, groups of friends, family gatherings, and weddings, as well as a wide range of culinary delights, a private fishing lake and a private nature reserve. And only 90 minutes by train from the centre of Stockholm! This is a brief summary of the ‘new’ Dalagård outside Avesta. After 25 years of dreaming, the host couple Cecilia and Leif Öster built a new Dalagård, inspired by the stories and traditions of the neighbourhood.

Cecilia and Leif Öster have both been interested in nature from a very early age. They met on a trip to Greenland, and still travel a lot together. They get inspiration for developing their own business by observing how other operators, especially in other countries, offer a warm welcome and comfortable accommodation. After long careers as a teacher and an information officer, they realised their dream, cut down trees, hired local craftsmen and used the history of the district to create something new, exciting and unique. In 2010 Dalagård was opened, with its 24 beds, in 9 rooms, divided into three houses.

The small-scale conference area, ideal for companies, families and private groups, is tastefully located by its own fishing lake and surrounded by forest. This is ideal territory for forest walks, bicycle rides or skiing, and it is now part of the UNESCO biosphere area Nedre Dalälven River Landscape. The lake, which is really two lakes, contains healthy populations of pike and bass, and at the end of the summer conferences with crayfishing are popular.

The surrounding forest, in which the eagle owl hoots at the beginning of spring and which is full of mushrooms in the autumn, is partly protected by two formal conservation areas and three voluntary reserves for areas of great biological diversity. Cecilia and Leif also made a practical contribution to biological diversity when a genetically valuable wolf was released in the forest in the spring of 2011. The forest also contains a rich cultural legacy, with many traces of the time when the area around Avesta was characterised by ironworking, such as charcoal stacks.

Labelling Committee´s motivation (8 May 2012)
Collaboration with neighbours and participating in strong local networks is another of Dalagård’s trademarks. Instead of investing in its own equipment, the services are bought from the neighbours. The well-known jam- and berry company Muddus is a close and natural collaboration partner. The menu at Dalagård includes the local sausages and mustards, cheeses and bread made in the area, together with locally-brewed beer.

Company name: Dalagård
Address Stensänget 1
774 97 FORS
Province Dalarna
Contact name Cecilia Öster
Reservation +46 226 311 00
Phone +46 703 77 73 73
Fax +46 226 311 00
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