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No description available Photo: Bengts
No description available Photo: Bengts

Just a stone’s throw from the internationally renowned fishing of the lower Dalälven river, the hosts Karin and Börje offer high-quality accommodation combined with fishing for pike, perch, zander and bream. The earlier concept of farmstays has been replaced by exciting sport fishing packages involving boats, accommodation and expert guides. The packages are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with international visitors.

On the lower Dalälven river, approximately ten km west of the Färnebofjärden National Park and 150 km northwest of Stockholm, lies the small farm called Bengts, originating from the 17th century and still comprising buildings more than a century old. The hosts Karin Bengtsgård and Börje Tollvik are both keen on sport fishing and welcome guests who share their passion. Börje in particular is more than happy to share his knowledge about the large pike, zander and perch in the area and the best fishing at different times of the year. In recent years, interest has also grown in bream fishing.

Karin was born and grew up on the farm, and the enterprise now combines tourism with small-scale farming and sheep husbandry. The hosts are keen to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the district, and are deeply involved in the village’s communal land ownership association, as well as working as flora wardens, promoting local collaboration, and managing their farm in a sustainable way.

After offering Stay on a Farm accommodation for ten years, the company now focuses on sport fishing, primarily attracting international visitors from countries such as Poland. Bengts is also at the forefront when it comes to sustainability in sport fishing which, when applied correctly, creates jobs and revenue in an area that is losing population and whose economy was previously dominated by small farms and forest properties with extensive log floating. This is why Karin and Börje apply fishing rules that specify both maximum and minimum sizes for fish caught, and also protect the grayling for much of the year. The majority of visitors to the farm also apply catch-and-release, so virtually all fish caught are returned to the water of Bysjön lake. Bengts lies just a hundred metres from the lake and the farm has four small modern boats with quiet and environmentally-sound four-stroke motors.

Labelling Committee´s motivation (16 June 2011)
An experienced ecotourism operator who works to combine sustainable fishing with profitability, employment and local revenue. This is a challenge in a district with a proud tradition of log-floating and vibrant industrial villages, but that is now characterised by obsolete industry and depopulation. Another challenge is to change people’s perception of fishing.

Company name: Bengts
Address, visitors
Postal address
Södra Fullsta
Södra Fullsta 116
774 99 BY KYRKBY
Province Dalarna
Contact name Karin Bengtsgård
Phone +46 702 82 62 31
Phone +46 707 89 28 60
Organization number 530625-xxxx
Started 1998
Quality-labeled tours Length of tour Period
Fishing week on the Dalälven river 8 days 2017-04-29 - 2017-11-30
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