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No description available Photo: Bosmina
No description available Photo: Bosmina

The northernmost part of Bottenviken is like nowhere else in the world. The island of Sandskär has a unique landscape and a rich history. Out on foot you can contemplate a moorland with sand dunes that have wandered up out of the sea. The island is flat and made up of sand and gravel.

Your skipper and guide aboard the M/S Bosmina is Staffan Svanberg. He also supervises the Haparanda archipelago national park and knows the area like the back of his hand. There are many different types of landscape here: virgin forests with pine, aspen and birch trees, fens, sandy beaches and beaches with rich vegetation.The flora is interesting since there are several rare plants to be found, such as the Bottenvik wormwood. The bird life is also rich. Staffan Svanberg knows how to tell a story; about life in the old herring-fishing village, the weather-beaten chapel and ancient remains.
Staffan believes that nature should be experienced with all the senses, but he lets your sense of taste lead the way. Good food, pleasant company and new learnings all combine to make this tour an enjoyable experience.

Labelling Committee´s motivation (24 May 2004)
An environmental profile who makes it possible for visitors to gain access during the summer period to one of Sweden’s smallest but finest national parks – Haparanda Sandskär.
It’s hard to beat a visit to the islands in the national park with a guide, who both supervises and knows the area like the back of his hand. It’s made better still by the addition of good stories about herring- fishing in bygone days and a ghost story or two.
The première of Nature’s Best’s first seal safari is worth a special mention.

Company name: Bosmina
Address Bryggargränd 3
Province Norrbotten
Contact name Staffan Svanberg
Phone +46 922 133 95
Started 1994
Annual employees 1
Quality-labeled tours Length of tour Period
Boat trip to Haparanda – Sandskär 1 day Completed
  Sandskär rises up out of the sea like an extensive reef. The light that plays over its expanses of sand and moorland are reminiscent... More »  
Seal safari, Haparanda archipelago 1 day Completed
  There they are! Large dark eyes pop up out of the water and seals and humans examine one another curiously. The environment is magical... More »  
Evening trip in the Haparanda Archipelago 1 day Completed
  There is a nice smell of leaves in the sauna on Seskar- Furö in the Haparanda archipelago national park and just round the corner... More »  
Overnight on Haparanda-Sandskär 2 days Completed
  The small fishermen’s cottages on Sandskär lie between land and sea. Peace and calm prevail here, in the northernmost part of Gulf... More »