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Aurora Borealis Adventure

No description available Photo: Aurora Borealis Adventure
No description available Photo: Aurora Borealis Adventure

Aurora Borealis is the Latin term for what we commonly call the Northern Lights. The name has been borrowed by this family business, an operator that arranges short and long dog sled tours in Västerbotten and Lapland. As a participant, you can either drive your own team or go on a big sledge and let an experienced dog sledder do the job.

Donald Eriksson and Maria Gustavsson run Aurora Borealis Adventures. All their tours are led by professional guides with many years of experience in dog sledding.
In the traditional and charming little village of Ekorrsele in one of Sweden´s truly wildest areas, the tour operators run their own wilderness camp and guesthouse, the Aurora Borealis Adventure Camp. This Camp, which serves as a base for the business, is situated beside the unspoiled waters of the Vindelälv River, and just a few kilometers away, there are the beautiful rapids of Trollfors and Bäckafors.

Labelling Committee´s motivation (16 May 2002)
This is an operator with concern for the environment, who puts the health and care of the dogs in the first place. Qualitative thinking and efficient marketing has already given Aurora Borealis international renown, and a faithful clientele from all over Europe.
Snow, cold and northern lights are not only good for the well-known Ice Hotel, on the contrary, these can be utilised by many an operator in northern Sweden.

Company name: Aurora Borealis Adventure
Address Ekorrsele 35
922 91 VINDELN
Province Västerbotten
Contact name Maria Gustafsson
Office +46 933 630 55
Phone +46 705 79 93 38
Phone +46 730 93 30 76
Organization number 969716-0126
Started 1995
Annual employees 2
Quality-labeled tours Length of tour Period
Dog sled harmony 1 day 2016-12-15 - 2017-04-15
  The sled glides along through the winter forest and across vast swamps. The wind bites your cheeks a little as you pick up speed,... More »  
A taste of dogsledding 1 day 2016-12-15 - 2017-04-15
  You can choose to sit on the sled or drive your own dog team with four or six dogs. When the sleds are loaded and the dogs harnessed,... More »  
Dog sledding for everyone 1 day 2016-12-15 - 2017-04-15
  Hundreds of people from 10 to 70 years of age have learnt to drive their own dog sled here at Ekorrsele by the River Vindel. Now it’s... More »  
Dog sledding wilderness 2 days 2016-12-15 - 2017-04-15
  The dogs are howling and eager to get moving. The brakes of the sleds are released and the team rushes away, silently, over vast,... More »  
Dogsled moonlight magic 3 days 2017-01-01 - 2017-04-15
  It feels as if the sled flies in the blue light of the full moon. The bluish snow glows with moonlight as you travel across vast lakes,... More »