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Eagle safari, Skåne wetland

Wings by the thousand

No description available Photo: Landskapet JO
No description available Photo: Staffan Widstrand

A frost bitten morning in January, not less than 18 White-tailed Eagles are sitting closely together in a couple of trees. By the end of March the sound of a thousand Cranes echo in the air, and a few weeks later the scene has been taken over by Redshanks, Ruffs and Black-tailed Godwits. Early summer welcomes the elegant Black Terns, and when autumn arrives thousands of visiting Geese gather while flocks of Lapwings head south. Kristianstad Vattenrike is one of the most bird intensive areas in northern Europe – year round.

The early spring morning is teeming with sounds of the wild. Frogs croak, the Reed Warblers compete in singing, Common Snipe is plunging from the bright blue sky and a stork is walking around the water meadows among some cows.
The rubber boat seating 8 people is gliding along water meadows, osier beds and reeds teaming with life. Large parts of these wetlands are difficult to reach, but in a boat like this you are able to come close without disturbing the wildlife. A knowledgeable guide will tell you about the history of the landscape and how the wetlands change constantly. There will of course be time to go ashore as well, and ample time for photography and coffee breaks. The guide will be eager to please your special interests!
Kristianstad Vattenrike is no less than 8000 hectares of World Heritage wetlands where an intense and unique nature protection project has been carried out for several years. The meadows are kept open by grazing cattle and hay harvesting. Watching the eager cows let loose for grazing in May is a spectacle in itself!
By the end of May, most of the over 130 kinds of birds that breed here have started their mating. The atmosphere is similar to that of an exotic jungle, boiling with life, activity and birds singing. These wetlands are well worth a visit throughout the year, though. Autumn is characterized by the flights of migratory birds as well as tens of thousands of visiting Geese. Winter is marked by the White-tailed Eagle and sometimes you get to see as many as 40 of them in one day! Spring and early summer is the time for waders, many different singers and other birds that enjoy the thick reeds. An extra bonus in the summer is the possibility to combine this unique bird watching with swimming from beautiful sandy beaches along the Baltic.

Information and price
Name of tour Eagle safari, Skåne wetland
Tour operator Landskapet JO
Season 2016-12-31 - 2017-03-12
Note season Halfday trip.
Fixed departures every Saturday.
For other dates please contact the tour operator.
Length of tour 1 day
Participants 6 - 12 people
Normal adult price SEK 495
Alternative Eagle safari SEK 325.
Also available as a full day trip and for other group sizes.
Please contact the tour operator!
Included in price Halfday boat trip and time ashore, safety vest, transfer and knowledgeable guide. Coffee and/or a light lunch can be arranged at an extra charge.
Accommodation Not included, but the tour operator will be happy to recommend various accommodation alternatives in nice natural and cultural settings.
Prior knowledge None. Disabled also welcome.
How to get here Nearest train station is Kristianstad. From here, pick up is available.

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