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Ski tour in animal tracks

The night's events in the snow

No description available Photo: Staffan Widstrand
No description available Photo: Ulvsbomuren Wildlife Safari & Lodging

After a snowfall the forest becomes an open book. Animal tracks, wing impressions and territorial markings reveal who did what, and sometimes even why. An experienced trail guide can read and explain the signs in the snow. Stories about the creatures that return when the evening wild supper is served with flickering candles and sparkling snow outside the window.

There is plenty of wildlife in Västmanland's large forests, but most animals stay hidden. Few of us have ever gotten a glimpse of a lynx, but lynx, wolves and foxes are some of the animals around Ulvsbomuren. Timid predators during the winter that hunt deer, elk and hares. After a favourable snowfall is not only the biodiversity revealed, but also the life and death adventures that have taken place in the forest during the night.

Our wilderness guide can explain all about this during a guided ski tour searching for animal tracks. With luck, he will also find a male Capercaillie or some Black grouse in a tree top. Maybe we can also find traces of grouse in the snow, or of an owl who has caught a wood mouse or the hole left after the fox who´s tried to catch a vole under the snow. At some point during the tour, we will find a suitable place to eat our lunch and enjoy the total silence of the winter forest.

In the afternoon, with rosy cheeks, we return to Ulvsbomuren's timber cabins where a warm fireplace awaits. After some quality time with a book, chatting or napping, it is once again time for moose, deer, grouse or other wild game. This time lovingly prepared in a unique three-course wild game dinner. Meat from the sheep farm is mixed with vegetables and herbs in a tasty way, together with the forest's contribution of game, mushrooms, berries, fish or crayfish.

After the dinner there is time for some additional wilderness luxury – the wood fired sauna. Rolling around in the snow after a hot sauna is not only refreshing but makes all your big city problems melt away. You and your group, family or friends always have Ulvsbomuren exclusively for yourselves.

Information and price
Name of tour Ski tour in animal tracks
Operator´s name of tour Ski package
Tour operator Ulvsbomuren Wildlife Safari & Lodging
Season 2017-01-01 - 2017-03-31
Note season The availability of snow affects the season's beginning and end.
No fixed dates.
Contact the tour operator for more information and booking.
Length of tour 3 days
Participants 4 - 8 people
Normal adult price SEK 2 750
Alternative Half price for children between 8-12 years old.
Included in price Full board with two dinners, one lunch and two breakfasts. Guided ski tour, wood fired sauna and loans of skis and ski boots.
Accommodation In double or family rooms with shared bathroom in one of the farm's log houses.
Prior knowledge None, except the normal mobility for skiing in the forest and trackless terrain. Recommended minimum age: 8 years old.
How to get here Trains to Ramnäs via Västerås or Fagersta. Pick up can be arranged. Private car according to directions available on the tour operator's website.

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