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Reindeer sled tour with Sami guide

Drive your own reindeer sled

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The Sami have been using reindeer and sled as a method of transport for people and equipment for hundreds of years. Join this half-day tour where you learn how to drive your own reindeer sled and at the same time learn a lot about a traditional and ancient culture.

Snug in a warm overall, boots and hat, you set off with your companions by minibus from Jukkasjärvi together with your guide. It is only a short distance to the Reindeer Lodge in Sautosjohka. Here you meet the reindeer and you are instructed about how to drive a reindeer sled. The reindeer has always been one of the pillars of the Sami culture.

Each guest drives their own sled as the tour sets off in the snow-clad forest and over the frozen bogs in the region. There’s something very special about driving a reindeer sled. We travel along a track in the forest and over frozen bogs and rivers. The journey home is faster as the reindeer are eager to get home.

Back at lodge, lunch is served, made from local ingredients: suovas (lightly-fried smoked reindeer meat) served with bread and lingonberries. The reindeer herder describes how his ancestors lived and worked in Lapland for thousands of years, and talks about the life of a reindeer herder today.

After lunch guests journey back to Jukkasjärvi.

Information and price
Name of tour Reindeer sled tour with Sami guide
Operator´s name of tour Vuoján – Reindeer sled excursion
Tour operator Nutti Sámi Siidá AB
Season 2017-01-08 - 2017-04-17
Note season Starts 08.30 in Jukkasjärvi and 08.15 in Kiruna.
Ends approx. 13.00 in Jukkasjärvi.
Contact operator for booking.
Length of tour 1 day
Participants 2 - 8 people
Normal adult price SEK 3 000
Alternative Children 8-15 - SEK 2 100
Children under 16 ride accompanied by an adult.
Included in price Experienced guide and instructor, lunch, own reindeer and sled, loan of warm overall, boots, hat and mittens.
Accommodation None included, but accommodation at the Reindeer Lodge before or after the tour can be arranged (extra charge).
Prior knowledge Minimum age: 8. Minimum age for driving your own sled: 16. The tour requires good physical health and mobility, and is adapted to the weather.
How to get here By train or air to Kiruna. Possibility to pre-book free transfer Kiruna - Jukkasjärvi - Kiruna in connection with booking of tour at fixed times.

Contact Nutti Sámi Siidá AB
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